The Hub Homepage

The Situation

The mission of The Hub is to empower social media influencers, helping them grow as artists. There are many ways where we help creators grow; the main two being helping them connect with one another to collaborate on new creative work, and the other is progressing their careers and legitimizing their craft by connecting them with paying brands. 

The Challenge

How do we communicate effectively to both kinds of our target users, both influencers and brands, through one website? 

How can we capture the attention of our target users enough for them to apply to join our platform? 

How can we clearly display the entirety of The Hub, which is equally both a digital product and an off-line social community? 


The Solution

We split the website into “for creators” “for companies” “our difference”, so we could communicate clearly to each user.

I single-handedly re-designed entire website, from research to developer handoff, in less two weeks. Storyboarded, illustrated, and creative directed all 6 explainer video assets. Project managed development and fully QAed their work, also within a tight two week sprint timeframe. 


Using Format