Alpha Point is a video based online education program to enhance student health, wellness and resilience.



I was approached to re-design Alpha Point’s brand and web presence to better reflect and educate users about the company’s purpose and mission in order to increase leads. 


Their current one-page site was not effectively communicating to users about the program. In order to increase leads, all aspects of their web presence needed to be strategized in order to bring focus and clarity to how they communicate. 




The AlphaPoint program is unique because it was developed by the most brilliant minds in the industry who created each course based on copious amounts of research and scientific data. By re-evaluating how they spoke about themselves, the large amount of content would become easier to absorb and quicker to understand. 

By using good design and copywriting, I wanted to refine the perception of the company to be approachable, credible, and relevant. 




Led by their company goals, I analyzed the large amount of information which I strategically distilled into smaller topics. Within this new framework, I collaborated with the team to develop and refine new copy which now succinctly educates users on the purpose and goals of the product. 

The page content came alive when supported by refreshed visual designs, photography and strategic parallax animations to further highlight the topics most important to the company. 

The new UX of the site was improved by breaking the information into separate pages, which adds clarity to each major topic as well as dramatically improving SEO. 



User Interface / User Experience

Brand Strategy

Digital Design

Digital Strategy


Custom Animation / Illustration




"Brielle expertly took our website and marketing materials to the next level. She came up with innovative and clear ways to communicate our value proposition and competitive differentiation."

- Kevin Jones, CEO of Ambio Health



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