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Design of a blog which focuses on connecting and educating the social media influencer creative community




The Hub is a platform that exists to empower social media influencers, helping them grow as artists. We quickly identified that influencers did not have a source specifically made for them where they can learn more about their specific niche, within an accepting community made up of creatives like themselves. 



In what way can the design of our blog surface the most relevant content for our influencers? 

How can we motivate creators to contribute to their community though interacting with and contributing content?



To solve this problem, we launched The Highlight, a curated blog built to help influencers learn from their peers, and have a platform to contribute and connect with their community. 

The blog design was inspired by the extremely high quality of our user’s work, by displaying content in a fresh, unexpected way. Our user’s work is predominantly photography based, so it was important to keep the design simple enough to allow the work itself to be the main focus of the page, but also make the reading experience fun and appealing. 



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